H&M LUBRİCANTS Antifreeze is a specially formulated product designed to ensure the healthy and safe operation of your vehicle’s engine. It prevents the engine from freezing in cold weather, preserving the water in the system and maintaining optimal operating temperature. Additionally, it prevents the engine from overheating at high temperatures and effectively supports the cooling system. H&M LUBRİCANTS Antifreeze provides long-lasting protection while delivering excellent performance without causing harm to the metal and gaskets inside the engine. Choose H&M LUBRİCANTS Antifreeze to keep your engine safe and running smoothly.

USAGE AREAS: It is used in aluminum and other types of radiators to prevent the radiator coolant from freezing in cold weather and boiling in hot weather, making it suitable for use throughout the year.
BENEFITS: It prevents the radiator coolant in motor vehicles from freezing during cold weather. Additionally, it raises the boiling point of the water, preventing the radiator coolant from boiling during the summer season. It does not have any harmful effects on the metals and rubber hoses in the cooling system.
SPECIFICATIONS: It is an ethylene glycol-based product designed for use in engine radiators, containing rust, corrosion, wear, and foam inhibitors.


Freezing Point and Concentrate-Water Ratio
Donma Noktası Konsantre Oranı Su Oranı
-6°C (21°F) 15% 85%
-1°C (14°F) 22% 78%
-15°C (5°F) 30% 70%
-20°C (-4°F) 35% 65%
-25°C (-13°F) 41 % 59%
-30°C (-22°F) 45 % 55%
-40°C (-40°F) 52% 48%
-52°C (-62°F) 600/0 40%